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Our Team Philosophy & Consensus Leadership



Expert Advocate & Broker in Deal Mediation & Structures, Property Development & financial disciplines.

Excellent communicator, innovator and motivator. Successful track record of project completions in financial, property and business. Thrives on focused targets and outcomes within a long term plan or mission. Has a wide range of legal, planning, enterprise, project appraisal & development skills, specifically in areas of deal mediation, negotiation and group entrainment skills. He is a successful entrepreneur for over 35 years in a variety of businesses with recent decades primarily in the aspects of deal structuring, collective legal & commercial business advisory capacities, consultancy & training and property development disciplines.

     BIO: Brendan J Dalton – Professional Achievements, Experience, and Academic qualifications

  • Broker/Advocate – Hard Asset Value enhancement, Property/Commercial deal mediation.

  • Created & successfully completed over 40 land/property development, site assembly projects.

  • Created 'Bespoke' model for 'Development by Consensus' for Group site assembly.

  • Founder of the ‘Oscar Traynor Road site-Consultative Forum’, Dublin City Council

  • Winner ‘Best Property Industry CFO 2018-Ireland’ AI Acquisition International

  • CIMI Certification in Islamic Finance - Commercial Law

  • Qualified Investment Firm (MiFID) – CBI (Central Bank of Ireland) + CPD

  • Qualified Debt Advisor, under CCMA, MARP, and SME Central Bank Codes

  • Qualified Mortgage Intermediary – CBI (Central Bank of Ireland) + CPD

  • Qualified Authorised Advisor – CBI (Central Bank of Ireland) + CPD

  • Head Compliance Officer – Member ACOI. (Association Compliance Officers of Ire.)

  • Qualified M.D.R.T. (Member of the Million Dollar Round Table) from 1997+CPD

  • Compliance Officer Financial Services & Trainer – IBI & CBI + CPD

  • QFC Degree – (Qualified Financial Advisor & CPD Trainer) LIA (GF’D) +CPD

  • FPC – Financial Planning Certified NZI +CPD

  • Joint President's Award Winner Canada-Metro Life

  • Qualified Degree in N.L.P. - John Seymour/Richard Bandier Assoc.

  • ‘Irish Product of the Year Award Winner' 1987 by T.I.A.F. for Tropical Showers

  • Patents Holder/Creator – Tropical Showers and Water heaters

  • Multiple Industry & Direct Sales & Management Qualifications - IMI ( & ‘Success' ®)

  • See LinkedIn Profile:  














Brendan J. Dalton-CEO & Principal    

We specialise in appointing and working with various teams of sub-contractors appropriate to each project, i.e, Appointing Group Solicitors, Architectural Teams, Chartered Town Planners, Engineers, Tax Consultants, Succession & Financial Planners etc...

All Teams are committed and aligned to the Projects Targets, time frames and expected client(s) outcomes. 

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